Well, here it is, the very last release in Headphone Commute’s UNDISCLOSED series for this year [don’t worry, I’ve got a few more EPs on the way]. As usual, it’s very difficult for me to talk about my very own projects, not to mention an anonymous release, so instead I’ll quickly reflect on the journey.

Of course, it’s been everything at once: incredibly exciting, emotionally draining, and always purposeful – from the moment of conception to the realization and beyond. Along the way I’ve learned a few new lessons and re-acknowledged ones I that I already knew. Trying new things (like an annual subscription service) has been nearly (r)evolutionary, while staying within the digital domain kept my investment costs nearly zero. Being on the other side of this “business” gave me a quick glimpse into all its complicated moving parts. One thing for sure – I’m terrible at self-promotion, so if you’ve come upon this beauty, you have done it on your own!

At the end, it has always been about the music, peeling back the contexts, the concepts, and of course, the names. Throughout the nine EPs I attempted to challenge the world to focus on the only thing that matters, and I hope that even if I haven’t completely succeeded, at least I’ve come close along the way… For a change, I’m leaving the comment section of this post open to welcome back your feedback. Enjoy the music, and thank you all for your support!