Stationary Travels

The Ocean Inside

We’ve got another special mix for you today, one which I’m sure you will all enjoy. The Ocean Inside is prepared courtesy of Brian Housman, who has been a regular Headphone Commute contributor since 2014. On this exclusive mix, Brian focuses on some of the most recent and amazing music coming out of Iran:

Stationary Travels started about two years ago as a journey of musical discovery (thanks in no small part to Headphone Commute, by the way). One of the first revelations I encountered was a very vibrant electronic music scene coming out of Iran. Those who have been paying attention know it encompasses much more than just ambient and modern classical, but these are the styles that have resonated the most with me personally. This mix exclusively features artists from that scene I have been listening to recently. I find each of these tracks to be captivating and rich with emotional depth and I think the music here speaks to the ocean inside all of us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Siavash Amini – A Mist of Grey Light [Futuresequence]
Siavash Amini – Aliosha and the Fire [Futuresequence]
Idlefon – Reminiscence [Tympanik Audio]
Idlefon with Nima Pourkarimi – Pickers of Empty Cocoons [Tympanik Audio]
Umchunga – The Dusk, The Car, The Rain and Down in The Bottle [single]
Porya Hatami – Ladybug [Dronarivm]
Porya Hatami – Farewell [Time Released Sound]
Tegh – Down [Inner Ocean Records]
Tegh and Kamyar Tavakoli – Hollow [Hibernate]
Arash Akbari – Rays From a Dead Star [Flaming Pines]
Arash Akbari – Until Time Sits by Your Side [Soft Recordings]

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