It seems that I am always excited about the latest mix in our podcast series. And yet today’s entry is another installment which I am honored to host. Dennis Huddleston, producing under the moniker 36 (pronounced ‘three-six’) prepares a gorgeous journey across his favorite pieces taking us to that ‘other place‘. Besides a few familiar names, such as Black SwanRoly PorterEUS, and How To Disappear Completely, there are a few unknown names to me which I am eager to check out. Here is the description of this very special mix from Dennis himself:

I love those tracks that sound like they exist in a place outside of time. They’re like remnants of a forgotten language, where you can hear the words, but the meaning seems just out of grasp. Where and how they were made is irrelevant; only where they take you is what truly matters. For this selection, I included artists I am proud to know and have worked with, as well as people who deserve to be heard by a wider audience. They all make incredibly beautiful and powerful music. Grab your headphones, turn out the lights, and find your other place.

01. Laraaji – A Cave In England
02. Percival Pembroke – Jane Campion
03. Tomonari Nozaki – Adansonia (EUS Remix)
04. How To Disappear Completely – Luminous/Falling
05. Hong Kong Express – Love Story
06. death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – SHROUD DYNAMICS
07. DISK_31 – Uninstall_DREAM.exe
08. Jeremy Schmidt – Outside
09. ASC – Half The Words You Say
10. FIS – CE_Visions
11. Black Swan – Ritual
12. Charles Bernstein – It Appears / The Entity
13. Bass Communion – Temporal A
14. Robert Turman – Flux 2
15. Roly Porter – Giant
16. EUS – El Camino (Levitation Remix by BLACK SWAN)
17. Regis & Female – Untitled
18. The Fog Signals – The Resonating Stairwell
19. UNKNOWNjp – rose&rose

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