I usually don’t mix my personal life with that of my Headphone Commute persona (although, arguably, it’s always one and the same), but this time it feels slightly appropriate. A nasty strain of flu has put me out of commission for almost a week, and so I’ve been away from words, from music, and from you. Today feels like a struggle just to sit up, hit play and focus into the glow of monitors. Yet somehow the music holds the key to that once felt sense of normalcy, and so I strive to cultivate the energy within, the energy that comes from sound. Today’s sonic trip comes courtesy of Piotr Cisak, a Gdansk (Poland) based artist with works on Crónica media label, Cruel Nature Records, and an upcoming cassette release on Twin Spring Records, titled De Memoria Et Reminiscentia due out on April 1st. Here’s to music being a single continuously morphing constant in our lives! I hope that you’ll enjoy and support the featured artists!

Cover Art Photography by Michael Deis


Lights Dim with Gallery Six – Long Distance Call
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Ti Prego Memory Man
Pausal – Distance
Circular – Deep Time Illusions
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall – Live At The Chrome Cathedral
Stephan Mathieu – IK Pegasi
Peter Broderick – Stopping On The Broadway Bridge
Takeshi Nishimoto – Remembrance
Peter Broderick – Give a Smile in 5
Adrian Corker – Circle Song
Raum – In Held Company
Nils Frahm – Said And Done
Slow Walkers – Cross
Sebastian Plano – Blue Loving Serotonin
Piotr Cisak – De Ente Et Essentia
Colorlist – Where Will We Go
Last Days – Envelope
Sean McCann – Our Days Of Generosity Are Over Arden
The Humble Bee – Ending
Kaboom Karavan – Kartoon Kannibal

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