Ben Lukas Boysen

Gravity Mix

What can I say about Ben Lukas Boysen that I haven’t said before? I consider this man as one of the most talented electronic music producers of our times, with his infinite manipulation of digital and acoustic sounds, keen ear and attention to detail, and gorgeous modern classical appeal. I’ve been following the musings of his experimental, IDM and glitch records under his Hecq moniker since the release of A Dried Youth back in 2003. But it is in 2008, when Boysen turned to dark ambient composition and totally blew me away with his gorgeous Night Falls release on Hymen. Since then, Boysen has reserved the releases under his real name for film scores and soundtrack compositions, and now he returns to his cinematic roots with an album on the beloved Ad Noiseam records. To celebrate the release I am honored to feature this exclusive Gravity Mix by the one and only, Ben Lukas Boysen. Enjoy! |

01 Hank Williams – Angel of Death
02 Jackie-O-Motherfucker – Spirits (Exzerpt)
03 Antonio Vivaldi – Al Santo Sepolcro, I, Adagio Molto
04 Les Baxter – The Ancient Galleon
05 Karsten Pflum – Ubaad Ramp
06 Various Artists – Okkulte Stimmen – Female Entities
07 Johann Sebastian Bach – BWV No.: 142 – Uns Ist Ein Kind Geboren
08 Max Richter – Non- Eternal
09 Black Ox Orkestar – Nign
10 Off The Sky & Man Watching The Stars – Captured in a Quill of Sole
11 Lubomyr Melnyk – The Six Day Moment (Excerpt)
12 Chris Watson – The Blue Men Of The Minch
13 Christoph Berg – Falling Asleep (Remix by P Jørgensen)
14 Howard Skempton – Lento (Excerpt)
15 Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad & John Cale – Trance #2
16 Andrea Belfi, David Grubbs, David Maranha, Pete Simonelli – The Rose
17 BJ Nilsen _ Austrvegr
18 Colin Stetson – Lord I Just Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes
19 Antonio Vivaldi – RV 129: II. Adagio – III. (Allegro molto moderato) (Looped/Pitched)
20 Antti Rannisto – Untitled Space
22 Emmi Leisner – Händel / Cantata Con Stromenti “Dank Sei Dir, Herr”
23 Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Erik Pauser & Phauss – Eternal Love #3

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