A quick note to my readers…

Having spent so much time writing [and reading] directly on the site, I often overlook other means of consuming this content. I am talking specifically about all of the individuals who receive daily updates via email subscriptions, and those who peruse the site through their favorite RSS readers and aggregators, such as Feedly and Newsblur, or their mobile equivalents, such as Pulse and Flipboard. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of all of the above means of content delivery, but there’s just a quick note that I want to make…

Most, if not all of the above methods strip some of the dynamic content that I usually embed alongside the text. The images and text formatting come through just fine. But some of the embedded audio samples via Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or other plugins, as well as YouTube and Vimeo videos are completely stripped out. I’m not saying that you should abandon your favorite app and always visit the website, I’m just pointing out that you may be unknowingly missing some content (including the ability to comment on a particular post).

To demonstrate this particular behavior I am publishing this note with embedded examples of such content. If you can’t see it, chances are your reader is stripping it out…

[– Begin Image –]

Most if not all of you should see an image above this line.

[– Begin Soundcloud –]

You should be able to stream a track from Soundcloud above this line.

[– Begin Bandcamp –]

You should be able to stream an album from Bandcamp above this line.

[– Begin YouTube –]

You should be able to watch a YouTube video above this line.

[– Begin Vimeo –]

You should be able to watch a Vimeo video above this line.

Alright, kids. That’s all I really wanted to bring your attention to. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming!