Emerging Species

Recurring Universe

This podcast has been lovingly selected and produced exclusively for Headphone Commute by Emmet Wino and Noémie of the Emerging Species label in London. Close your eyes and trip to this incredible internal cinema piece with no interruptions.

*Not to be listened to whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

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Oxygene 1 – Jean Michel Jarre
Extra Terrestrial – Dom & Roland
(Excerpt from ‘2001:A Space Odyssey’)
Cuerpo Celeste – Murcof
Machine is Bored of Love – Add N to (X)
Into the Night – Julee Cruise
Sleeping Seas – Nodens Ictus
Underwater Love – Smoke City
Song to the Siren – This Mortal Coil
Gelfing Song – Trevor Jones
Anabasis – Dead Can Dance
Meadows – Amorphous Androgynous
Journeyman – Amon Tobin
City Wakes Up – Biosphere
Nannita – The Doubtful Guest
Memories of Green – Vangelis
(Excerpt from ‘Waking Life’)
Judgement Day – Method Man
Eyes Pop – Skin Explodes – Everybody Dead – Future Sound of London
Awaken – Gentle Mystics
OZN211212X05 – DefDFires (feat Greg Blackman!)
The House that Time Forgot – DefDFires
(Excerpt from Cymatics – ‘Bringing Matter To Life With Sound’)
Equino – Gasman
Out of this World – BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Viking 1 – Moondog
Ovokx – Plastikman
The Tangent Universe – Michael Andrews
Oxygene 1 – Jean Michel Jarre

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