Exposing Headphone Commute’s podcast as a platform for other artists to express themselves has been a very rewarding experience for all parties. Not only does it amplify and broadcast their voice, but it lets the listeners peak into the inner workings of the artist’s mind, and the soundtrack that makes up their daily life. At the end it always has been about sharing great music, and creating relationships that music supports. For today’s special mix, Belgian Theo Marin, aka Krasius, compiles a journey through textural ambiance, illbient electronica, and cinematic soundscapes. Please enjoy responsibly…

soundcloud.com/krasius | structuraldamage.co.uk/krasius

Cover art by Philip Straub

Muscle Snog – Intro
Garry Schyman (BioShock Score) – Haunted Slums
Ian Martins – Bunker Records White Mutant vinyl
Chris Watson – Cassarina
Black Lung – The Universal Impasse
Christophe Charles – Desert
Christ Watson – El Divisadero
Atrium Carceri – Stir of Thoughts
Kettel – Electrician and Adventurer
Kreng – Miranda’s Onrustige Slaap
David Munrow – The Crystal
David Munrow – Death Approaches
The London Metropolitan Orchestra – Searchers
The Future Sound Of London – Repetition is A Form of Change
Frank Riggio – Libellule Ensorcelée
Black Lung – Mr Love Teeth (Afterlife Remix By Monster X)
Anodyne – Close your Eyes (Corporation Street Remix By Autechre)
Marching Dynamics – Our Decandent Sins Will Reap Discipline
Lusine Icl – Sin
Mika Goedrijk – The Sound And The Fury
Phoenecia – Bob 09
Karsten Pflum – Tak One (Boys And Girls Mix)
Kritical Audio – Spandex

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