July 16th, 2023

I was going to open up this OUT TODAY column with yet another reflection on the passage of time. On how we’re already halfway through 2023 (and the summer) and how our lives appear to speed up towards the inevitable something for which we curate, build, and save, only to realize that it is the moments of being that are worth living. I was going to give you a bunch of excuses for not keeping up with the music again, as it seems to swell up, bloom, and fade like a vase full of flowers. But at the very last minute, I decided to drop that. So I won’t do any of that. Instead, I’ll just share these albums, kicking off with this short documentary from Tiny Leaves. Also, if you’re [still] a Spotify subscriber, why don’t you subscribe to my Headphone Commute Daily playlist, which I’ve just updated with these tunes? No robots were used in curating this journey.