February 12th, 2023

I suppose it would be nearly impossible for me to stay quiet and not mention the release of my own new album on Past Inside the Present. Call it shameless self-promotion. Call it what you will. Still, on many levels, this music is my ode to the many friends and artists who have inspired me to return to composing and experiment with solo piano and sound design, many of whom have appeared numerous times on these pages. From the incredible dialogue with Arovane to the complete deconstruction of abstract pianism with my friend James Murray, and numerous influences from the many sonic masters, which include loscilAbul Mogardbvdub, zakè, 36ASCBlack SwanBen Lukas BoysenDeru, Ben ChatwinRafael Anton Irisarri, Ian Hawgood and Taylor Deupree [plus countless others which I’m sure I am forgetting here]… this is all from me to you!