April 10th, 2023

I vividly remember when I used to chase new music. Boomkat, in particular, was [and still is] a great resource for my findings over a decade ago. I was especially enchanted with the then-new genre named there as “Modern Classical”, with records by Jóhann Jóhannsson, Max Richter, and Nils Frahm. I remember the bleep newsletter [it still arrives in my mailbox] with the latest boundary-pushing music from obscure labels and bands. Now we have Spotify. Now we have Bandcamp. It’s nearly impossible to keep up. What do you play when you wake up on Monday? Hopefully, this column will continue to highlight some of my newly discovered albums which are worthy of your time [and money]. As usual, I cannot possibly cover them all, but I hope that you find something wonderful here, even in this brief and fleeting moment.