September 5, 2021

I’ve got a lot of music to share with you today, folks! The summer has come and gone, and while I’ve found a way to carve out some time for a quick getaway, the labels [and artists] found a way to keep on. All that, even as many of them (or at least almost every single label owner that I’ve talked to) are extremely frustrated with the ongoing delays of the printing plants, pushing release dates of long finished albums into 2022 and sometimes beyond. So we return to the digital, with Bandcamp Fridays (now extended until the end of the year), the new pricing wars for hi-res streaming (Amazon seems to be winning the bid), and a plethora of single releases, easily distributed among the many digital platforms with a click of a button. But the “album” is still here to stay, as is evidenced by this list of hand-picked selections that have appeared on my rotations in the last couple of weeks. Plenty of you to check out and enjoy!