May 2nd, 2021

Yesterday I took a train ride out into the country. Besides getting out of the house, away from the busy city, and being out in the open space where skies run out as far as light, it felt different to listen to the music in another new setting. There’s something about the music that takes on that soundtracking feel, as I look out the window of a speeding train, watching the trees, the rivers, the fields, and the cows, pass by in a vector-like stream, like a film on a roller being spun by the time in a veil. Listening in the headphones was also delightful – in my studio, I rarely put on a pair of cans, unless I need to proof out the masters – and so that all-shrouding space, that deep inner bass, and the structured sound stage really lifted the sound to the forefront of sense. I didn’t know how much I have missed all these things in my headphone commute.