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At this time, Headphone Commute does not accept any unsolicited promotional material. We are deeply apologetic for this decision. There’s nothing worse, than having packages pile up on our desks which never get a chance to be heard. Similarly, we don’t want to make you sad by never replying to your messages. For every beautiful album we feature on the site, we get ten more sent by email, and there’s no way that we can ever catch up! The decision about accepting promos is not final, and may change in the future, depending our workload. Labels and artists with which we have had contact may reach out via the same methods of past communication. Otherwise, you can be sure that we’ll find you.¬†We hope you understand where we’re coming from, and again, we’re sorry for this decision.
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If you have a suggestion for our site, a recommendation on a feature, or an idea that you wish us to explore, simply leave us your feedback in the form below. All comments are moderated and will not appear on this page unless approved.