Contemplative Classical

Love it or hate it, but I think Spotify is here to stay. In the last decade, plenty of artists have taken up some kind of battle against their despicable compensation model, the appropriation of funds towards questionable products, or, my all-time favourite, the “fake artists” that, yes, really exist. I don’t know, folks, but I don’t want to fight it. I don’t have the energy. If it’s not Spotify, it would be someone else. So, instead of revolting against the big media conglomerate, I choose to turn it around and invest my time into promoting music that I genuinely love, even if it’s on the very same platform. So, if you don’t want to support Taylor Swift, then support our small community by streaming the music you want to reward. Right, I think I made my point. Moving on to the punchline. About four years ago, I took over the Contemplative Classical media outlet founded by Michael Price, which included the amazing Contemplative Podcast hosted by Matt Emery and the Contemplative Classical Playlist hosted on Spotify [hence this long intro]. I fell behind a bit with my regular additions, rotating about a dozen tracks in and out every month or so, but today I’m back with an hour-long refresher, hand-picked by the above-mentioned Emery, who is currently in the throes of celebrating his new album, A Bed Of Waves, scheduled to be released in August. You can hear one of the pieces on this playlist update, as well as much more fantastic contemporary music from the likes of Jakob Lindhagen, Alex Kozobolis, Daniel Elms and yours truly. Subscribe, shuffle and share!