Sophie Hutchings

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Contemplative Podcast! As you may be already aware, we’ve taken a small break, but we’re very happy to announce our return with many exciting new guests in the upcoming episodes over the course of this year. If you’re new to this series, please subscribe to keep up to date with the latest episodes, and catch up on the past entries and seasons, in which we’ve covered many of your favourite composers and labels! You can find us on directly Spotify and Apple Podcasts or use your favourite app to subscribe using the links on the sidebar. In today’s episode, Matt Emery, had the privilege of chatting with the talented Australian composer and pianist, Sophie Hutchings, in which they talk about making music from a very young age, the creative process behind her latest release, Echoes In The Valley, working with various labels, in many studios, reading books, and so much more! As always, there is music along the way to guide us on this journey. We hope that you enjoy it!

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