Excuse me, do you have a minute?

Here’s to the tweeting generation of micro blogging and attention deficit society! The following albums have all appeared on my rotations, but alas may never get a well deserved detailed review. So treat these as quick recommendations, splattered on paper in limited allowance of real estate!

OK, have to go! I’m running out of time!

AardvarkAnti Concept (Eat Concrete)

Have you heard of Aardvark? Mike Kivits creates leftfield instrumental beats for fans of Brainfeeder followers. On his third full length for Eat Concrete, Kivits showcases “a taste for deep ambient and minimalstic soundscapes, dub, Detroit techno and bass heavy beats, mixed into a perfect flow.”

Bibio – Mind Bokeh (Warp)

Stephen Wilkinson continues to impress with his eclectic selection of psychedelia, drawing from a deep well of folktronica, glitch-hop and even disco. “A one-man band that effortlessly combines acoustic guitar, tape loops, and field recordings to weave a beautiful tapestry of sound.”

DaedelusBespoke (Ninja Tune)

Alfred Darlington graduates to his sophomore release on Ninja Tune, with abstract beats, and eclectic production. Bespoke sums up “the unique and eccentric vision of a musical artist as obsessed with the clothing of the Victorian era as he is with the music of the future.”

DeepChordHash-Bar Loops (Soma)

You didn’t think I’d miss this release, did you? Rod Modell returns with even deeper subliminal groves operating somewhere from the depths of peripheral auditory cortex to unleash an entrancing dream of dub-techno! As the album title suggests, these Amsterdam inspired studies can go on forever!

Kryptic MindsCan’t Sleep (Black Box)

Having impressed the world with their forray into dubstep, the d’n’b duo, Brett Bigden and Simon Shreeve return for a sophomore release on Black Box. Darker then ever, the masters of tight production dance-floor 12″ hitters sneak into your bedroom and turn off the lights!

SeefeelSeefeel (Warp)

I feel like I’ve known Seefeel forever, yet this is indeed only a second release for Warp! “Applying less of their signature ‘shoegaze’ aesthetic, the addition of drummer and electronic musician in the line-up, has given this album much more of a palpable feel than earlier releases.”

 SemiomimeFrom Memory (Ad Noiseam)

What’s this? Noël Wessels (aka DJ Hidden) tries his hand at dark cinematic electronica? Yes, please! Can I have another? “From Memory” is finally the perfect invitation to lie down, close your eyes and enjoy the movie your psyche will summon out of this recordings’ trip.”

SiriusmoMosaik (Monkeytown)

Moritz Friedrich is not a stranger to Modeselektor‘s label (he released the catalog’s very first EP), yet this is his first full length debut! “In its premeditated hodgepodge of styles, composite sonic totality and rugged texture, Mosaik couldn’t be more of a fitting rubric.”

VHS HeadMidnight Section (Skam)

Are you ready for some mind twisting glitchy IDM from Ade Blacow who mysteriously appeared on Gescom‘s home SKAM label? This is precisely what you would expect from the pioneering masters of trend-setting electronica. See if you can also pick up Trademark Ribbons of Gold (2010).

Wagon ChristToomorrow (Ninja Tune)

Luke Vibert dusts off his Wagon Christ moniker and comes back with his tongue-in-cheek trip-hop beats. “The king of stoned exotica, ridiculous vocal samples, toothsome puns, swinging rhythm and the psychedelic groove, Vibert has never been one to take himself too seriously…”