Mix : Aldous – Winter’s Worth

Another week, another mix, another special treat! The last entry of April features a pristine selection by Aldous, who shares the same taste in music with Headphone Commute and you! About this exclusive mix, titled Winter’s Worth, Aldous writes:

culled from the first quarter of 2010, these songs kept me company during an agonizingly long and lonely winter, in a period of isolation and emotional wanderings. like winter, this will draw you down and in, furnishing brief glimpses of respite, only to leave you dropped on the other side with little save memories and the odd pang of nostalgia. here’s that spring should bring a warmer dawn.

And, unlike words, the music speaks for itself once again. Just check out this wonderful track listing!!! Once again, I want to point out that this selection features all of the latest 2010 releases. So if you haven’t had the chance to open up your hearts [and wallets], this is a nice showcase… Enjoy, and leave a comment if you like…

[ S T R E A M ] | [ D O W N L O A D ] | [ P O D C A S T ]

Track Listing:

1) (0:00) Deru – I Would Like [Say Goodbye to Useless – Mush]
2) (2:05) Maps and Diagrams – Gnomish Twang [Cubiculo – Fluid Audio]
3) (5:40) Near the Parenthesis – Inertia (Stay Right Here) [Music for the Forest Concourse – n5MD]
4) (9.50) Loscil – Shallow Water Blackout [Endless Falls – Kranky]
5) (15:00) Nest – Trans Siberian [Retold – Serein]
6) (17:25) Thomas Fehlmann – In the Wind [Gute Luft – Kompakt]
7) (21:25) Chihei Hatakeyama – The Distant Sound of a Bustle [A Long Journey – Home Normal]
8) (25:15) SubtractiveLAD – Those Who Lose Dreaming are Lost [Life at the End of the World – n5MD]
9) (30:50) Triola – Schildergasse [Pop Ambient 2010 – Kompakt]
10) (34:00) DJ Koze – Bodenweich [Pop Ambient 2010 – Kompakt]
11) (37:30) The Sight Below – Through the Gaps in the Land [It All Falls Apart – Ghostly International]
12) (43:00) Fenn O’Berg – Part I [In Stereo – Editions Mego]
13) (46:35) Deru – What Happens When You Ask [Say Goodbye to Useless – Mush]
14) (48:00) Chihei Hatakeyama – The Dance of the Sea [A Long Journey – Home Normal]

[ S T R E A M ] | [ D O W N L O A D ] | [ P O D C A S T ]

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