Planet Mu

Location: London, UK
Founded: 1998

A label run by Mike Paradinas constantly pushing the boundaries of electronic music. At Headphone Commute we celebrate its entire catalog!

Ital Tek


… prone to audio hallucinations whilst writing the album, Alan Myson aimed to capture these distortions in his perception of pitch and time…


Are You An Axolotl

“… further deconstruction of the sounds, samples, and the rhythms make this one of the most impressive records from the era of electronic music…”

Ital Tek


Release Notes Label: Planet Mu Release Date: September, 2018 RIYL: 36, Clark, Roly Porter, Hecq, Abul …


Slow Knife

I want to open up this review by talking a bit about Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu label, and …

The Host

The Host

At first I thought that The Host was going to be another mysterious artist hiding behind …



Jamie Teasdale, formerly one half of dubstep duo Vex’d, is now working solo as Kuedo. Fittingly …



I’ve been following Machinedrum since his debut on the now defunct influential IDM label, Merck. From …