Headphone Commute Daily

Good morning, folks, and thanks for tuning in. I realize that a lot of you don’t follow me on social networks, where I announce some updates outside of the regular articles on Headphone Commute. One of such communications you may have missed is a post about my Spotify playlist, called Headphone Commute Daily. Before you cringe your nose in disdain for this streaming service [I, too, have plenty of things to say about their ‘fake artists,’ but that’s another story], you must accept that it is here to stay. As such, for the past two years [literally to the day], since February of 2018, I have been hand-curating tracks for my commute. So if you’re a Spotify subscriber, you should follow this playlist and share your daily moments with my sounds.

Here’s how it works. Every other morning or so, I add a piece or two, sometimes from the albums featured on the site, other times from my favorite albums of the past, to this collection of about 100 tracks [8+ hours of music!]. I then remove the older tracks, and as such, you are offered a continually rotating selection of my latest discoveries, all-time favorites, and a few surprises along the way. I recommend you always play this list on shuffle, with Spotify’s crossfade setting and smooth transition in between the songs in playlist turned to [ON]. This, essentially, creates a radio curated just for you, with the engine remembering which pieces you have heard before, and constantly providing new additions.

Anyway, I figured I would share this in an article, so if you only get my updates in your inbox, you will, at last, find out about this list. I’ve embedded the playlist in the article above, but just in case it doesn’t render, just go to http://hcdi.gs/HCDaily and subscribe! And if you’re already a follower, I sincerely thank you – and by the way, the artists and the labels thank you as well! Please spread the word and get your friends to listen in as well, so that we can collectively enjoy the real, honest music.