Sound Postcard : Ezekiel Honig

NYC Street

New York City based Ezekiel Honig is the founder and curator of Anticipate Recordings, an electro-acoustic, ambient, and emotional warm electronica label, with releases from Klimek, Sawako, Morgan Packard, Mark Templeton and of course Honig himself. Recently Honig released Folding In On Iself, a minimal-ambient album on the beloved Type Records. But enough name dropping for a second… here’s Ezekiel’s Sound Postcard:

It’s a quiet night, with a light rain.  Standing in one spot on the street offered snapshots of conversations, a plane overhead, cars driving past, walkers walking, and simply put, the air of the city, which has it’s own sound even when ‘nothing is happening’.  The subdued commotion on the street at any given moment is what draws me in.  It allows one to be in something so much greater and larger, but find a personal path, an individual direction through which to navigate… the quiet within the noise.