Sound Postcard : Machinefabriek

Greetings From Seeljocht

It’s about time that I have received a real Sound Postcard. Out of nowhere there was a message in my mailbox from none other than Rutger Zuydervelt, recording under the name Machinefabriek:

This audio postcard might reach you when I’m in Rotterdam again. This collage consist of recordings made on the island Vlieland (the Netherlands), where I’m doing a residency for the Seeljocht project, with Piiptsjilling (a quartet I’m in), Greg Haines and a few video artists. It’s windy most of the time, and the bike-ride I did earlier was pretty exhausting. We’re in the middle of nowhere here, surrounded by dunes, heath land, salt marsh and sand. It’s beautiful, except for the moments when jet fighters use a part of the beach (very close to our residency) as shooting ground. It’s strange to sleep in the middle of nature and being woken up by the sound of jet engines and gunfire.

As always, Piiptsjilling was ridiculously productive. On the first three days we recorded about 9 tracks. While normally I play the guitar, I tried a different approach this time. I used field recordings instead, to emphasize the connection with the island. So I’m walking around with my portable recorder a lot, capturing audio that I find inspiring. In the Piiptsjilling sessions, I process these field recordings, looping and pitching them, but for this postcard they’re mostly untreated. You will also hear a voice. That’s of course the usual suspect (and Piiptjilling colleague) Mariska Baars.

Anyways, this has been a very special week, and I’ll miss it when I’m back home.
Enjoy. Rutger