Sound Postcard : bvdub


Following an extensive two part interview with bvdub, we conclude our week long artist feature with a Sound Postcard entry from Brock Van Wey himself:

This is a recording of how I begin my day almost every morning – to the sound of my students in my classroom before class begins. This particular recording was taken on my cellphone, on December 6th, 2010, about 7:50am. This is really one of the most important things I could possibly think of to record, not only because it’s a window into who I am, what I experience nearly every day, and what makes up a major part of my world as a whole, but because it’s a window into what brings me joy. Teaching and being with my students makes me truly happy. I don’t know how better I can say it. Maybe this recording can give you a brief and abstract window into why – or more likely it will just sound like a bunch of kids talking over each other 😉 but you never know.

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