Sound Postcard : Bitcrush

Ceiling in D

Following our recent Two and a Half Questions with Mike Cadoo, we have a Sound Postcard from Mike’s Bitcrush project, titled Ceiling in D. I’ll let Mike explain here:

For my Headphone Commute Sound Postcard (“ceiling in D”) I tried to best capture the true spirit of the space in which i write and record music. My current neighbors in our new office space have posed to be a serious challenge. More specifically our next door neighbor who also occupies the space above the studio. This normally would not be much of an issue but all that separates them and me is 2 sheets of plywood sub-flooring. Some days it can get rather noisy in there. So to best capture this I set up the mics high up on the warehouse shelves and waited. This Saturday proved to be a very productive day up there and I can only speculate as to what they are doing. To further add the true spirit of the space i ‘played’ a bit of feedback while their noises breached the ceiling. Below is a excerpt from a 8 minute recording of my neighbors and i collaborating for the first time. I have a feeling it won’t be the last either…

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