Sound Postcard : Simon Scott


Simon Scott has previously appeared on these pages via Headphone Commute reviews of Nivalis, and 88 Tapes as well as his own Reflections on 2009. These days Scott continues to run his own label, Kesh Recordings, with hopefully more releases to come soon. Meanwhile, Simon stops by to contribute his selection to our Sound Postcards project:

I created my sound postcard ‘1010’ on the spur of the moment as there was a traffic diversion, a major distraction I must say, past my studio window in Cambridge on this particular day. The sound of the rain on the road surface resonating against the tires of the cars, bikes and vans created a fascinating doppler effect that I captured by literally recording out of my first floor window with a microphone. The sound of my studio environment, such as my creaking chair and numerous cymbals set up on stands rustling together like excited children chattering, became of equal importance as the sounds from outside.
S.Scott 23.10.10