Sound Postcard : Loscil

Rainforest Tracks

This Friday’s Sound Postcard comes to us courtesy of Scott Morgan, known for his many beloved releases as Loscil on the Chicago based Kranky label. Our latest favorite album was released this past March, 2010, titled Endless Falls (read Headphone Commute review). Since then, Morgan self-released a 3-track digital EP, Versions, featuring reworked variations of tracks from his last album, as well as First Narrows (Kranky, 2004). Preview and download your copy on his bandcamp page. Here are the words for this Sound Postcard from Scott:

Here is a little clip of a recording I made on a railroad track in the rainforest north of Vancouver near a town called Squamish on the way to Whistler.  Some birds and some light rain. See Google Maps location.

While browsing Morgan’s bandcamp page, make sure you pick up his very latest 4-track Untitled, previously released on  Involve back in 2001 on vinyl. I’m listening to it as I write these words, and I promise you, it’s worth your time! | |