Sound Postcard : Scanner

Sao Paulo

Here’s another Sound Postcard for your enjoyment. This one has been sent to us from Robin Rimbaud, who should be known to you as Scanner. Rimbaud is notorious for recording conversations carried by the radio waves, and has been producing electronica since the early 90s. Last year, we immensely enjoyed and reviewed his Rockets, Unto The Edges Of Edges (BineMusic, 2009). Here’s Robin with more words on his submission:

[This Sound Postcard] was recorded from the 14th floor of my hotel in Sao Paulo Brazil recently, whilst I should have been sleeping but was kept awake by this eerie wind secreting its way into my bedroom. I enjoy the flat grey tonal appeal of this recording, irradiated of all other detail. Perhaps it will be ideal for Paranormal Activity 3 🙂

Scanner, in collaboration with The Post Modern Jazz Quartet, has just released a new album on Thirsty Ear titled Blink of an Eye. I can’t wait to get my copy! |