Sound Postcard : Yann Novak

Industrial District

Today we share with you yet another Sound Postcard from our favorite artists… Yann Novak is a sound and video installation artist from Los Angeles, manipulating audio documentation into minimal and ambient explorations. He is also the man behind Dragon’s Eye Recordings and has recently released an album on Richard Chartier‘s LINE, titled Relocation.Reconstruction. Today he submits his entry into Sound Postcards project, titled Sunday Morning, Industrial District, Downtown Los Angeles. Here’s Yann with more:

This is the quietest time of the week for me. My partner is still asleep in bed; The pounding beat from the rave three buildings down has ceased and the ravers have gone home; fewer semi trucks plummet past my windows then any other time of the week and all I can hear is the sweet sweet sound of the coffee maker, percolating towards completion.

Read interview with Yann Novak in our Dragon’s Eye Recordings label profile, as well as Headphone Commute’s review of The Breeze Blowing Over Us and Two and a Half Questions with Yann Novak.

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