Sound Postcard : Lawrence English


In case I wasn’t exactly clear about the new chapter in Sound Postcards, here are the details: last weekend I invited some of my [and certainly yours] favorite experimental, ambient, and modern classical artists to contribute a piece of their own, exclusively for Headphone Commute. These are indeed their Sound Postcards sent to you from all over the world.

On Monday, Headphone Commute presented a Sound Postcard from Stephan Mathieu – Two Clocks. At first sounding very lo-fi (recorded with his iPhone voice memo in mono) and very minimal (a whole minute of just two clocks ticking) the piece may have just fallen off your radar… But if you listen closely… without trying to attribute any special meaning to this piece… you will hear more than just the ticking time…

Today we’ve got a Sound Postcard from Lawrence English, the man behind Australian Room40 label. This sound postcard is from Kyushu, sent from room40’s nomadic device”