Track of the Week : KiloWatts

The Right Words EP

I’ve been a fan of Jamie Watts’ KiloWatts project since his 2006 release Routes. Watts creates some of the most intelligent electronica mixed with punching beats and persistent melodies that keep swirling in my cranium long into the night. Last year, after his groundbreaking Ground State (Native State, 2007), Headphone Commute reviewed KiloWatts’ Undercurrent ambient exploration released by Somnia. We also selected his Six Silicates digital release as one of our Favorite EPs of 2009. We’re excited to hear about Jamie’s another upcoming release, The Right Words EP, which he will release via his Bandcamp page. Here’s a short sampler to get your taste buds wet…

Be sure to also check out his upcoming collaboration with a hip-hop flavor, Super Galactic Expansive, available for free via 1320 Records. You may also want to explore KiloWatts’ tech-house site, with digital releases on Thoughtless Music.