Reflections : On Importance of Being Important

How many times were you around people who didn’t understand the music that you raved about? And what about that influential artist? “Seriously, you don’t know Autechre?” “Never heard of Aphex Twin?” How do you convey to a person the importance of being important in this massively tiny underground scene? What if that importance is self-created and is only real in your mind? What if there are only a dozen of people in the world who really understand that?

I know I’ve asked a lot of questions there, and I don’t have the answers. Instead, I invite you to contribute to this thread with your thoughts. And mainly – how do you measure, convey, and support your findings on “importance of being important”. Is it the number of words in a Wikipedia entry under the artist’s name? The number of available seeds in the bit-torrent node? The number of album sales, or people attending the concert? The number of listens on The number of votes on Of course, it’s all very subjective and relative. So what’s your take?