Sound Postcard : 007 : Jukebox

Over the weekend I went to visit my friend’s elderly parents at the assisted living facility. In the reception, there was this old jukebox. I got drawn towards it mostly because of its bass. It was deep, tight, and resonated throughout the foyer. No modifications were made to this recording – I preserved the EQs as captured.

In the background you can hear the reception phones, some coughing, some weird slapping [playing cards?], and general people chatter as they shuffle back and forth with their walkers and silent wheel chairs. Some people take pictures. I take sounds. I think this is yet another great example of a captured moment that I’ll be able to recall in the future with a press of a button.

—-[edit 1]—————————

Being an absolute obsessive compulsive that I am, I dug up the actual name of the track, by listening to the lyrics.

You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To
Under the stars, chilled by the winter
Under an August moon, burning above
You’d be so nice, you’d be paradise
To come home to and love

—-[edit 2]—————————

Did I mention that I am obsessive compulsive? Well, I actually dug around some more and found the original track. It’s a recording from 1954, performed by Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown. Here it is below, in its entirety for your enjoyment.

p.s. Beautiful, isn’t it? No autotune!