Sound Postcard : 005 : Automatic Car Wash

At first I was going to tell you all about this one, but then decided to leave it a mystery. Can you guess what it is? Respond below! If and when someone guesses correctly, I will reveal the circumstances behind this recording.


OK, looks like you guys gave up on this one. I did have one correct guess submitted via Facebook, so the winner there is Vivek Jena who proudly displays his photo with Benn Jordan as the avatar [hehe!]. The correct answer is Automatic Car Wash!!!

The recorder was placed in cup holder, so that its body made contact with the entire car to pick up all of the bass rumbles. Ah, yes, now you can hear those loose large fabric pieces waving and slapping against the windshield, followed by repetitive high-pressure spraying from the nozzles, and then some more cleaning and brushing – this last part does indeed sound like the train wheels… Anyway, hope you enjoyed… I definitely like this one a lot!