Sound Postcard : 001 : Piano

Inspired by Taylor Deupree’s One Sound Each Day project, I set off on my own journey of aural documentation of my life. Except, there are no rules for this one. No scheduled daily search of sound, and no particular beginning or end. These are just my Sound Postcards… From me to you…

With no specific place to start, I felt that it was rather appropriate to sit down at my baby grand, and play you a spontaneous one minute piece. With no preparation or any melody in mind, I let the sound travel through my fingers, into the keys, the hammers, the strings, and the mic. That is the only way this chapter may begin. So let it be. Enjoy.

Sorry for the low background hum – must be coming from my central heating unit, since I placed my M-Audio Microtrack directly on the piano. You can also hear the pedal lifting all the hammers off the strings. That part is rather nice.